Priya Mahadevan


Mom. Chef. Writer. Entrepreneur.

These are just some of the titles you could give Priya Mahadevan. Priya, a mother of three, lives in Central Virginia. She was a political journalist before she started cooking professionally, and her gift for writing is one she has kept up over the years. Her youngest daughter inspired her to write a series of children’s books highlighting the funny experiences of her childhood. This is her first illustrated children’s book. Princesses Only Wear Putta-Puttas is a wonderful story about what it is like for a child to be exposed to two cultures. It is a vibrant story that anyone can enjoy. 

Princesses Only Wear Putta Puttas has been selected for 2017 VA Festival of the Book. Priya Mahadevan is an invited speaker and will presenting her book at several schools around Charlottesville and also be part of discussion panels, Details to follow soon

Learn more about Priya and her cooking at www.priyasnowserving.com