Amma, did you pack all my putta-puttas?”

“Yes! Except the one you’re wearing,” Amma replied.

“This is my favorite putta-putta because pink is my favorite color! But I also like all my other putta-puttas.”

Fey Fey had the best time ever in India. 

Soon, autumn arrived with cooler days and chilly nights.

“It’s getting cool outside Fey Fey. You should wear some pants,” Amma said.

“I cannot!”

“Why not?”

“Because . . . princesses only wear putta-puttas!” Fey Fey declared. 



How serious are children when they say they want to be princesses?

Princesses Only Wear Putta-Puttas is a charming story woven around a bi-cultural little girl, Fey Fey, who visits India for a cousin’s wedding. She falls in love with the sights, sounds and especially the traditional costumes. Fey Fey is convinced that she is an Indian Princess and when she returns to her home in the USA, she faces the practical challenges of being an Indian Princess but finds a way around it.


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Princesses Only Wear Putta-Puttas

By Priya Mahadevan

Princesses Only Wear Putta-Puttas
by Priya Mahadevan


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