Anna wandered close to Fey Fey, who was flipping through a book.
“Fey,” said Anna, “would you like to go outside and play ball with me?”
“NOOOOOOO,” Fey Fey started to scream.
“Aw, too bad. I thought you’d like that . . .”

“I want to go out,” Fey Fey mumbled after Anna walked away.
Upset that he had not heard her, Fey Fey ran out of the room, screaming,



Like many children, Fey Fey’s favorite word is NO—and she uses it all the time! She soon finds out, though, that NO can’t be used for everything. Will Fey Fey change her mind when the word does not help her get her way?


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Fey Fey Says No

By Priya Mahadevan

Fey Fey Says No
by Priya Mahadevan


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